Groundwater is a valuable resource beneath the surface that is responsible for providing water for man's daily needs. However, this "invisible" resource is neglected and is at risk for depletion. Timely enough, this year's theme for World Water Day focuses on making groundwater visible. In the National Water Quality Status Report from 2006-to 2013 by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau, it has identified Region 3 as one of the five regions with high utilization of groundwater. As a water utility that mainly relies on groundwater to provide water service in Baliwag, Baliwag Water District (BWD) understands that it needs to take action to safeguard this resource. Recently, it has been purchasing bulk water to continuously provide the water needs of its concessionaires despite its reduced pump extraction hours to avoid over-extraction. However, as a proactive organization in matters concerning water, sanitation, hygiene, and environment, BWD continues to conduct ways to promote its advocacies. Thus, as BWD joins the nation in the celebration of World Water Day 2022, it decided to conduct a tree-planting activity as its initiative to protect and to conserve groundwater. Research showed that it is an effective way to sustain and to recharge groundwater because it helps in holding water to avoid water runoff. Trees collect excess water during rainy season and releases it during dry season. BWD acknowledges the importance of community participation to make activities like this successful. So, it partnered with schools in Baliwag. A total of 220 Mahogany Plants were planted last March 23, 2022 in 14 locations. Eight of which are on the grounds of eight schools that participated in BWD's Tree-Planting Activity 2022 while the remaining are within the perimeter of six pumping stations of BWD. The simultaneous tree-planting activity was spearheaded by BWD's newly appointed General Manager Ma. Victoria E. Signo, together with the outgoing General Manager Artemio F. Baylosis and its Board of Directors. Meanwhile, select employees of BWD headed and facilitated the tree-planting activity in other identified locations.