"Service is our Business" is Baliwag Water District's (BWD) tagline. True to its tagline, BWD always strive to look for ways to continuously improve the services that it provides. This includes services beyond its mandate to provide water and sanitation service. As a government owned and controlled corporation that serves the public, BWD acknowledges the importance of information dissemination as it informs the public on the things they need to know, have to expect, and need to prepare for to avoid misinformation and inconvenience. BWD understands that like water that adapts to its container's shape, it also needs to adapt with the changes of time. At present, people have shifted from paper to the online platform when it comes to getting information. People who use social media continues to increase over time. This is supported by the data found in a study conducted by Media Landscapes that states that an estimate of 73 million out of 109 million Filipinos are active on social media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thus, BWD created accounts on these social media platforms for information dissemination. However, BWD did not settle with constant social media posts that only contain texts and photos. Thus, it launched its new program called WaSH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Break in 2022. WaSH Break is a weekly live program that airs on BWD's official Facebook Page every Wednesday at three in the afternoon. It aims to inform the public on the latest news from BWD including but not limited to new facilities and new programs. It is also a platform for updates on ongoing projects and for announcements on ongoing and scheduled activities that may temporarily affect the the quality and the quantity of water distributed to affected areas. Its content is not limited to water. As the program's name suggests it talks about one of BWD's advocacies--WaSH. BWD encourages concessionaires to tune in to their weekly live program so they will stay updated on their programs and activities. Apart from the live broadcast, it maintains the recorded video on their Facebook page to allow concessionaires who were unable to watch the live to stay in the loop.